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Led ceiling chandelier four rings black metal body.
! Power consumption at maximum lighting is 100w +/- 10%
! Power consumption for warm or cold light 50w +/- 10%
! Power consumption in night mode Minimum 15w +/- 10%
The maximum light output of the LED ceiling lamp is 12000Lm.
The external dimensions of the lamp are 800x600x400x200mm. Easy installation of lamps does not require in-depth prior knowledge.
The remote control is black and can additionally control the lamp from the APP (application). Suitable for homes, offices, shops, as well as other premises.
Fastening with cables (included in the set), maximum cable length 1.20 meters.
The set also includes a remote control with which you can remotely set the light tone for the panel:
! 3000k warm white,
! 4000k neutral white,
! 6000k cold white,
as well as the ability to adjust the brightness of the light from 10% - 100%.
In addition, a current converter is also included, with which the panel operates from 220V voltage.
2-year warranty for the ceiling lamp.

Dimensions 1) Ø200mm*40↕mm 2) Ø400mm*40↕mm 3) Ø600mm*40↕mm 4) Ø800mm*40↕mm
Power (W) 100w
Brightness (Lm) 12000lm
Voltage 175- 260V
Material Aluminum
Water resistance class IP20
Warranty 2 years
Body color Black
Light color 2700K-6000K

4 Ring Led Round Ceiling Chandelier Black 800+600+400+200mm 100W (12000Lm) With Remote Control And Application

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