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An easy-to-use plant growing lamp that attaches to the table surface or other possible surface with a clip.

Length of the luminaire 25cm

The plant growing lamp is designed for indoor use in water resistance class IP20.

The length of the holder is 35 cm (from the lamp to the holder).

The plant growing lamp is equipped with 4 luminaires with 120 blue and 300 red LEDs

The set will include:

  • grow lamp set
  • power converter from 220v to 12v
  • timer with dimer
  • instruction

Very convenient to use kit that will be useful for any household.

The timer will make it easier for you to turn the light cycles on and off.

With the timer, you can easily change the light intensity and change the light spectrum (more red or more blue).

Power (W) 80
Voltage 220v-12v
Material Palstick
Water resistance class IP20
Warranty 2 Year
Effect 120blue+300Red
Body color Balck

Plant Growing Table Lamp with Clip 80 Watts And 4 Lamps with Dimmer and Timer

  • Product Code: BL-CGR20-4
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  • 53.99€