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55W 12V H1 Halogen lamp LIMA
Hella Car marker light W5W
LIMA Halogen bulb H7 55w
Hella Halogen bulb  H1/ 55W
Hella Halogen bulb H3/ 55W
Osram Classic Halogen H7 55w
Halogen bulb H2/ 55W
Hella Halogen bulb H4 60/55W
Showing 1 to 12 of 45 (4 Pages) online shop offers auto halogen bulbs. offers several manufacturers of halogen lamps: Osram, Hella, Philips, Neolux, etc. A wide choice according to your car. Auto halogen bulbs come with a variety of light effects. The most common are standard light bulbs with a yellowish light. After that, the lamps that are still popular are those that look like xenon bulbs, the light is white and bluish. also has bulbs with higher light output as a standard bulb, for this reason the driver will see the road further and brighter. From Osram we offer their TOP lamps - Night breaker and Cool blue boost.