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The new Filament type bright E27 G125 Led home light bulb is 6.5W and 810Lm brightness. Bulb type G125, light color 4500k (Neutral white) The bulb is capable of replacing an old type filament lamp of 70W. Filament diode With gentle electrolux. The energy efficiency of light bulbs is expressed in lm / W. There are currently a number of different bulbs with different efficiencies. Energy-efficient LED bulbs are on average 5 to 10 times more efficient than a filament lamp. Consequently, LED bulbs reduce energy consumption and costs by 50-90% compared to a standard lighting solution.

E27 G125 Led Bulb Filament 6.5W/810Lm Day White 4500k

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  • 8.50€

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