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Mosquito E27 Led home light bulb 8W + 2W with 940Lm brightness. The brightness of the light corresponds to a 90W bulb. Light irradiation 180 degrees. Decorative glass design. Very easy to install and unobtrusive. The energy efficiency of light bulbs is expressed in lm / W. There are currently a number of different bulbs with different efficiencies. Energy-efficient LED bulbs are on average 5 to 10 times more efficient than a filament lamp. Consequently, LED bulbs reduce energy consumption and costs by 50-90% compared to a standard lighting solution. Led insect bulb helps against odors, bugs, larvae. The Moskit Led light bulb is a powerful light source with an electric zapper (an insect killer, all in the same bulb to eliminate the annoying insects we've all come across. The Led Mosquito light is very easy to install and control (Not compatible with dimmer switches): * Simply screw in any 220V E27 socket. * When the bulb is screwed in, turn on the switch. * To activate both the light function and the Mosquito function. * To activate the Mosquito function only, simply turn it off and turn on the light again. * To re-activate the light function, switch the switch This is the easiest, best and easiest mosquito emitter that can be used anywhere and everywhere! The Led Mosquito light bulb works great and you do not have to worry about harmful toxins or chemical substances that are associated with aerosols or powders. It also eliminates any child and pet safety issues If necessary, easily clean zapper (insecticide): the brush is included free of charge. Can be used throughout the year for vivid illumination and insect erosion in any room or outdoors. The Led Moskit bulb must be in every home and office.

Light color (Kelvin) Neutral White 4500k

E27 Mosquito Led Bulb 8W+2W/940Lm Neutral White 4500k

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