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The new Led Flashlight uses a new type of NEW CREE Led diodes that can produce much higher light output at the same power consumption.

Used For Forestry Machinery, Tractor Machinery, led tractor lamp, led motorcycle lamp, led quad bike lamp, led jeep lamp, led off road car lamp, led high beam, led truck lamp, led truck lamp, led harvester lamp, led tractor headlamp, led baggage lamp, led tow truck, led armored car lamp.
The body is made of impact-resistant aluminum.
The Led has a special case for easy installation in the bumper.
Compared to halogen lamps, LED technology has a much higher light output at a much lower power consumption.
With a much longer service life.
The life of LED lights is much less affected by vibrations and shocks.

Power (W) 27W
Brightness (Lm) 1700Lm
Voltage 12-24V
Material Aluminum
Water resistance class IP65
Effect Distribution
Body color Black
Light color White 6000k

Work light 27w / 1700Lm (square)

  • Product Code: BTWLE-A2SX-27
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  • 8.00€
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