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Work Light Panel (PHILIPS-3030) 162w / 113400Lm SMD (305mm)

  • Work Lamp with PHILIPS-3030 SMD LEDs
  • Efficient and economical LED LED lighting for forest and tractor machinery
  • The casing is impact-resistant, made of pressed aluminum, with an excellent LED CREE cooling function
  • LED technology, compared to halogen lamps, has a much higher light output with much lower power consumption, with much longer service life.
  • The lifetime of LED lights is much less affected by vibrations and shocks.
  • The lamp has a center mount

Certificate E20 10R-04.4050 HR
Dimensions 305*73*107mm
Power 162w
Voltage 10 - 30V
Material Aluminium
Water resistance class IP 67
Element power PHILIPS-3030 3W
Effect COMBO
Number of elements 54pcs
Body color Black
Light color 6000K
Light output 11340Lm

Work Light Panel (PHILIPS-3030) 162w / 113400Lm SMD (305mm)

  • Product Code: BTBLE-D3SP-162
  • Availability: 16
  • 43.00€

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