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Panel 600mm with 12V voltage and 8W power, for installation with 800lm light output.

The Led panel is built-in and secured with clamps.

The panel has a motion sensor that triggers movement at a distance of three meters and a 120 degree reception angle. The panel illuminates for 30 seconds and then turns off.

Intended to be installed:

above the desk,

dressing room,


in the workshop,

car showroom,

In the closet,

For the desk.


Dimensions 600×24×13mm
Power (W) 8W
Brightness (Lm) 800LM
Voltage 12V
Material Aluminum, plastic
Water resistance class IP20
Warranty 2 years
Body color Silver, white
Light color 4500K Neutral White

LED Built-in Panel with Short Range Sensor 600mm 12V 8W / 800lm 4500K

  • Product Code: KD-C2413L-WIR-8W-NW
  • Availability: 100
  • 10.99€

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