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LED Beacons

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Light Switch 12V / 10A
Light Switch 12V / 10A
Light Switch 12V / 10A
Mount I Type 903
Mount L type 901
Mount T Type 902
Mount U type 904
80 SMD  Beacon lights magnet Amber Color
Showing 1 to 12 of 78 (7 Pages) offers LED beacons that are more energy efficient than standard halogen bulbs. LED warning lights have a big plus - they are more durable than standard warning lights. In addition, LED flashlights consume less power than filament luminaires, but despite this, LED flashlights will be bright enough.
When purchasing flashlights, you should focus on what types of LED elements have been used in a beacon. At the moment, ProHid LTD offers three types of LED beam lights:
• Lighter-beam LED element lights;
• SMD LED element lights;
• Latest CREE R10 element flashing lights.

Attention should be paid to the way of attachment of flashlights:
• magnet LED flashlights;
• Panel LED lights;
• Light beam LED lights;
• Reduced LED beam lights on the radiator.

Car tow carriers and security car are more likely to choose radiator battens for warning lights and lighted flush-mounted LED panels. Lighthouses are more suitable for warehouse and agricultural transport, which are strengthened by means of a magnet or a mast.

Specifications for LED beacons are divided into three types:
Masta LED bākugunis, ">* Masta LED flashlights
* LED Magnets
* Panel LED beacons.

Regardless of the model you choose, you will be a winner because:
* LED flashlight consumes less power
* LED beacons are brighter than halogen bulbs
* There are no rotating parts in the LED bulb, meaning no mechanical wear,
* LED beacons are lower than halogen bulbs,
* LED beacons are easy to install.

ProHid.Lv has a large number of LED luminaires available for you, and will be able to choose the most suitable for your transponder.
ProHid.Lv gives us the opportunity to connect and compare each LED luminaire with each other to choose the most enjoyable lighthouse.
ProHid.Lv consultants will help you choose the most suitable LED flashlight for us.
For us ProHid.Lv you have the opportunity to order LED beacons and other products in our online shop www.ProHid.Lv
With our LED beacons, you will definitely be noticeable when carrying cargo or repairing.