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LED Spot light for Motorcycle 20W / 2000LM

The supercar is designed for motorcycles and has a USB input from which to load the phone.

Motorcycle LED flashlight with USB function
USB interface external charging current up to 2A
Mobile phone charging
A classic design, a vivid light source, pays attention to the road.
Waterproof, dust-proof, anti-corrosion, full aluminum housing for long lasting durability
Designed to project light to the extreme distance with low energy consumption
Concentrated Spot light design lets you see far or through the dark

LED technology, compared to halogen lamps, has a much higher light output with much lower power consumption, with much longer service life. The lifetime of LED lights is much less affected by vibrations and shocks.

LED Spot light for Motorcycle 20W / 2000LM

  • Product Code: BTWL-A4EX-21
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  • 32.00€

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