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Magnet Beacon

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Magnet Beacon

The LED mast beacon operates without problems at 12 volts and 24 volts.
LED Beacon 12V and 24V have a special mounting that can be mounted on the mast.
For mast beacons, power is supplied from the mast, no additional power supply is required.
LED mast beacon is perfectly visible for any equipment.
Beacon masts are of two types for rigid mounting and for flexible mounting.
LED mast beacons are visible in 360 degrees, because the position of LED elements is precisely in a circle and symmetrically next to each other.
Waterproof LED Beacons are provided by a tight seal and flexible housing material.
The built-in switch provides the LED beacons with several rotation modes, which must be set before the LED beacon is placed in the appropriate place for work.
All LED beacons are certified for the European market and comply with the common EURO standard.
Each LED mast lighthouse can be attached to one mast, masts for LED beacons can be purchased separately.