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Square Led Back Lamp.

A modern Led tail light that can be used for trailers, semi-trailers, cars, off-road cars or heavy duty cars.

The lamps are certified and also allow electromagnetic compatibility. Due to high quality LED elements, they can last longer and consume little energy. Another great advantage is the universal voltage for 12V and 24V electrical wiring.

All lamps are airtight, with a sealing class IP66 / IP68. Made from high quality materials.

Dimensions 121x101x56 mm / distance between screws: 45 mm
Voltage 12-24V
Material Plastic
Water resistance class IP68
Effect Brakes, gauge, turn, number lighting
Body color Black, red, yellow

Red Square 16 LED Gauge, Brakes, Turning Indicator And Number Lighting Lamp

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  • 22.00€

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