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Terms of purchase

In order to eliminate unnecessary delays and disagreements during the conclusion of the purchase agreement, please read and accept the following key SIA "ProHid", Reg.No. 48503015784 (hereinafter - purchase terms of goods.

1. Since the sale of the product offered by takes place through an offer placed on the Internet, in accordance with Article 10 of the Consumer Rights Protection Law of the Republic of Latvia (PTAL), in this case a distance contract is concluded between the buyer and the seller.

2. It is possible to place an order on the website, mobile site, shop: Jelgava, Dobele highway 45 or by phone +371 25155410 or +371 25155411

3. All prices on are stated including 21% Value Added Tax. The prices quoted are valid for the period indicated on the item. The cost of the delivery service is not included in the price indicated.

4. You can pay for the ordered goods and the chosen delivery service by bank transfer, or at the moment of receiving the goods in cash or with a payment card (only at the customer service center Jelgava, Dobele highway 45).

5. When ordering, you need to provide an email address so that instructions can be sent to the customer, invoice, etc. necessary documentation.

6. When ordering the product we offer to choose one of three ways of receiving the product: free - the ordered product is received at the customer service center Jelgava, Dobele highway 45, economic delivery - the ordered product is received in a parcel at one of the largest shopping centers in Latvia - the courier company delivers the ordered goods to the specified address. In all cases the delivery time of the goods is agreed upon at the time of placing the order. In case of ordering several goods with delivery, the customer may receive all the goods together or in parts.

7. The order must be received within three business days of announcing that the order is ready to be received.

8. Instructions for use of the goods after receipt of the goods are sent to the customer by e-mail. In case the customer needs a printed manual of the product, please contact us by e-mail: or by phone +371 +371 25155410 or +371 25155411.

9. Before using the purchased item, please read the instruction manual of the item carefully and use the item only according to the manufacturer's instructions, according to the characteristics of the item and its intended use.

10. If you change your mind and decide to cancel your purchase, the Consumer Rights Protection Law of the Republic of Latvia (PTAL) and the Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No.255 "Regulations on Distance Contracts" (Cabinet Regulation No. 255) provide that the buyer has the right to withdraw from the contract. calendar days and return the item purchased at the online store to the seller. Article 12 (6) of the PTAL states that, in the event of a refusal to purchase, in the case of a distance contract, "the consumer shall be responsible for maintaining the quality and safety of the product for the duration of the right of withdrawal". We recommend that you keep the original packaging of the product in order to avoid exterior mechanical damage when exercising the right of withdrawal in accordance with the terms of the Distance Contract. To arrange for the return of the product, please fill out the Cancellation form and contact us by e-mail: or by phone: +371 +371 25155410 or +371 25155411 with the order number and date. You can return the product by delivery to Jelgava, Dobele highway 45 (goods up to 7 kg)

11. Complaints and out-of-court dispute resolution procedures. Complaints about availability or quality of goods should be submitted electronically by sending an e-mail to The complaint will be processed within 7 business days of receipt of the complaint, by sending a reply to the contact email address specified in the complaint. If the complaint is found to be unfounded and you do not agree to the claim being declared unfounded, you have the right to use the alternative dispute resolution options provided by law by submitting a written application to the seller of the goods for out-of-court dispute resolution, stating:

- name, contact information;

- the date of submission of the application;

- the nature of the dispute, the claims and the grounds on which they are based.

Information on out-of-court dispute resolution and out-of-court dispute resolution:



12. If the product has technical problems during the use of the product, service of the product will be performed in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Rights Protection Law of the Republic of Latvia (PTAL). Product service hours are indicated in its description. When making a purchase, an electronic waybill is issued with the item, which provides information on servicing the particular item. The invoice shall be drawn up electronically