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LED Smart Garden

Smart Home Garden With LED Lamp Gray
Smart Home Garden With LED Lamp White
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LED Smart Garden

It is a integrated hydroponic planter with LED grow light

• ->Smart control remind you when lack of water

• ->use new Hydroponics technology which is clean, convenient, safe, easy, do not need too much

• care, Anyone can be a gardener, suitable for most (90%) of the plants

• ->Grow light is a multi-Function light:

• *both can be a table lamp & a home grow light only by simple switch

• *Led grow light has timer for auto on/off

• *light height adjustable with plants

• ->big grow box 9.3*9.3*12cm for bigger plants & better growing

• ->can start from seeds, no need propagating

• where to use: home, office, kitchen, school,


• what to grow: herbs, flowers, vegetables

• suitable for: kids, adults and the old, school education and good gift item