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LED Strip

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LED boards
Different applications:
• indoors - ip20
• outdoor - ip65 (silicone coated)
• for pools, aquariums - ip68 (with enhanced water resistance coating)
Possibility to get the desired color tone with monochrome led strips (white, green, blue, red) and multicolored led strips (RGB).
Different color temperatures (3000k warm white light, 4000-4500k neutral white light and 6000-6400k cold white light).
Tapes are available by voltage (from 500lm to 1700lm per meter).
LED strips can be split (minimum strip length 10cm). The tape is distributed in special solder locations. After splitting, the tape must be soldered or special tape connections must be purchased.
SMD diodes (sizes 3014, 3528, 5050, 5730) are used for our tapes.
At the end of each LED strip (5m roll) there is a wired connection to the power supply.
How to calculate the power consumption of an LED strip? - Each tape is indicated how much it consumes w / m (watts per meter). So, if the LED strip consumes 14w / m and you need 10m LED strips, then the total power consumed will be 140w (14w x 10m = 140w). As a result, you will need a power supply that provides at least 140w of power.
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