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Shipping info

CAUTION! Big items can be received ONLY in the shop Jelgava, Dobele highway 45 or by courier delivery.

Get the goods Jelgava, Dobeles šoseja 45 - suitable if you want to receive the goods quickly and not pay for the delivery.

When ordering at, simply specify that you will pick up the product yourself at customer service center Jelgava.

You can pay in cash, by payment cards (except American Express), or by bank transfer ( advance payment after you have received a invoice).

The product must be removed within 3 business days after customer advisor has informed you (by phone or email) that your order is ready.

Receive items at the Omniva parcel machine - suitable if you do not want to wait for a courier at a specific time.

When ordering at, you simply choose which Omniva parcel machine is best for you.

Pay attention to the weight and size limitations of the item.

If you choose this method of delivery, you can pay via internet bank, by bank transfer (advance payment after you have received a invoice by e-mail)

To expedite your order, we recommend that you choose direct payment via Internet Bank for this delivery method. 1-2 business days after your customer consultant informs you (by phone or e-mail) that your order is ready, you will receive a text message that your order has been delivered to your chosen destination and instructions on how to proceed below.

The product must be removed within 3 working days after receiving the message.

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